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We work with mid-level project managers tasked with producing video content in support of specific corporate goals, like customer acquisition, recruitment, training, and marketing.


American Dental Partners

Located just north of Boston, MA, ADPI works with dental practices to recruit new talent and support administrative tasks so doctors can focus on their craft, not the headaches and hassles of running their businesses. Through a series of shoots over two years, we captured testimonial footage across the country to produce a series of videos in support of marketing, branding, and recruitment efforts.

Milwaukee Direct Marketing

Ahead of an industry conference Milwaukee Direct Marketing sponsored, we collaborated to create a narrative film and corporate “About Us” showing off the heart and soul of this local mission-based direct marketing company.

Camp Long Lake: “Be There”

Camp Long Lake is the Potawatomi Area Council’s campground. This narrative highlight shows off the many program areas and personalities that make each summer program tick, and uses the camp’s tongue-in-cheek slogan, “Be There!,” in support of the narrative.

BSI Project Demonstration

Building Services, Inc. is a Waukesha-based design/build/furnish firm with extensive design capabilities. This video showcases their recent redesign of a local company’s offices.

Odyssey Academy

The Ripon Area School District virtual school program is showcased in this brief narrative highlight film, demonstrating the positive impact virtual education has on students, families, and the community.

“Our student enrollment numbers are nearly double of what we were hoping for in our first year of the school opening and each week we are hearing from more interested families.” – Jolene Meyer, PR Specialist, Ripon Area School District

StarTrol – LED Medical Lighting 

Rich Ward, President of StarTrol LED Medical Lighting was seeking an outlet to tell the origin story of his company. This short narrative highlight film showcases Rich’s story and his company’s unique work environment.  

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Corporate About Us

Corporate videos tell stories about an organization’s history, products, and culture to help prospects make informed decisions.

Motion Graphics

Animated text and characters are a simple and effective way to walk clients and prospects through complicated tasks.

Narrative Storytelling

Dramatic and cinematic storytelling moves audiences emotionally to take direct action when it matters most.

Behind the Scenes

Sometimes it’s most beneficial to show the nuts and bolts of how the work gets done to bring prospects and clients closer to your brand.

Tutorial / Educational

Nothing conveys complicated topics better than video demonstrations that explain all the nitty gritty details.

Event Promotion

Short videos effectively tell an audience about what to expect and what they’ll enjoy at upcoming events and gatherings.

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