Two Beer Marketing Podcast #2: LinkedIn with Sue Gresham

by | Sep 20, 2015 | Two Beer Marketing

Sue Gresham, Innovative Client Solutions

Guest: Sue Gresham

Company: Innovative Client Solutions

Topic: LinkedIn

“We all know people do business with people that the know, that they like and that they trust,” says Sue Gresham from Innovative Client Solutions in Brookfield, WI.

She’s an in-demand LinkedIn consultant who works with individuals and businesses to effectively use the social network to grow their businesses and improve their bottom lines.

LinkedIn first and foremost shows how a professional solves their client’s problems – whether it’s an employee or an executive, it’s a way to get to know each other, and through those people, their businesses. If business is a game of who you know, LinkedIn is an essential tool for generating referrals. It’s an easy way to see who knows who and get introductions, whether it’s for a specific individual or a certain title.

Sue says it’s always good to keep it professional, though it’s becoming a little silly. “The idea is that you have to be in a professional mode. You want to talk about what your strengths are as a person.”

That’s why it’s great to empower individual employees to be active on the network: it’s a perfect branding and marketing opportunity.

Virtual groups are excellent ways to connect with people to get that initial connection with those you may not know through a personal introduction. The basics are all free, though there are certain bundles of paid premiums.

“If you’re not seriously using LinkedIn and you haven’t maxed out those benefits, it’s not worth paying for,” Sue says.

Premium access might also help you engage with those you’re not otherwise connected to.

While LinkedIn might not be for everyone, it’s for most. “If the people you want to find you are on Linkedin, then you should be there,” Sue says.

One newer tool is LinkedIn built-in blogging platform, which can expose your content to more individuals than a personal blog.

Ultimately, consistency is key. Sue says five to ten minutes a few times a week is a great place to start, just to be there.