The one reason your website isn’t generating leads

Nik Nelson

Nik Nelson

Founder & CEO, OpenBox Strategies

The worst feeling after launching a brand new website that you spent thousands of dollars on and invested countless hours of your time on revisions and updates is to have it not generate new business. Too many small business owners don’t extract appropriate value from their websites. It takes a significant resource commitment to launch a site that’s centered on converting visitors to customers, but that process doesn’t stop when the site launches. It’s only the first step of a long journey.

The worst thing a small business owner or manager can do is drop money on their website and see it as a cost they’ll never recover. If that’s the case, don’t even bother.

While the journey to turning a website into a money-making machine is long, it starts with simple steps and adapting an important, long-term, content-focused marketing strategy. Simply put, there’s no sense in having a website if no one is visiting it.

The online marketing ecosystem plays a key role in powering your website, which is often the hub of digital content — though its role as a hub is becoming less and less the case for progressive marketers. This means investing time and resources into Search Engine Optimization, implementing retargeting tags for social media and search networks, and capturing visitor data through e-mail signups, among other things.

The biggest reason your website isn’t generating leads is that your visitors don’t trust you.

Why should they? Traditional sales techniques say you should make an audacious claim (“we’re the best at XYZ service” or “we have the best customer service”) and hope someone takes the bait.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: content. Flex your muscle. Show you’re an expert in this space. Write blogs and articles, produce a video or podcast, publish that white paper. These are all ways to tell your story and show people you’re the authority in your industry in your market.

Once you begin that process, watch traffic slowly increase and conversions incrementally tick up. The way search engines reward top ranks for keywords, coupled with general business strategy and best practices, makes a cohesive, content marketing strategy a no-brainer, and the first step to marketing a business online.

No one knows your business better than you. Start telling its story, the stories of your customers, and evangelizing the power of your products and services. It’s a nuanced approach, but it’s one with limitless potential when properly engaged and executed.