For a small to medium sized company, doing video production in house can be time consuming and expensive. In many cases, businesses will outsource their video needs to video production companies or freelancers. Here is why you should choose a Video Production company over anything else:
More Efficient
When you need a quality video put out right away, video production companies are the people to call. With freelancers, they often would be doing your work as a side job and don’t have a lot of flexibility to come and shoot a video. Also, as a freelancer, It becomes a one man show. What I mean by this is that one person will handle coming up with the video idea, storyboarding, shooting, lighting, editing, and reviewing the video. With a video production company you get several people who are specialized to help in the video production process and get you a quality video quickly.
Higher Quality
In most cases, you won’t have a person in house who can make quality videos. You may be able to point a camera at someone and say you’ve got yourself a good video, however, a video production company can simply do it better. They will have better equipment (cameras, mics, lights, software, etc) and it’s what they do for a living, so they will be good at it.
Saves time
Rather than trying to produce something in house where the video production and marketing comes second, a video production company’s focus will be on producing your video. The turn around time will be faster and it will save your company valuable time and money.
Saves you money
Rather than paying someone to produce videos in house, it will be a heck of a lot cheaper to just contract a video production company to do your video. If you look at the cost of producing a video in house (employees, equipment, software, etc.), it doesn’t make sense for a small-mid size company to produce their videos in house.
Making videos is what these companies do for a living and will have more experience in not only producing videos, but also how to make them creative and original.