How much time does it take to implement a digital marketing strategy? I’m glad you asked. Perfecting a digital marketing strategy takes time, patience, and hard work. Here’s a break down of all the things you need to do in any given week to accomplish the bare minimum of any corporate digital marketing strategy.


1) Content Writing

Aim for 3 new posts a week. Assume 2 hours per post and 1 hour for revisions, either by you or someone else.


3 posts x 3 hours to research and write = 9 hours
3 posts x 1 hour to revise = 3 hours

Total = 12 hours per week


But that’s not all. What are you writing about? You want to write articles that’ll get picked up by google, right? Keyword research is an involved process that requires tools, either for free or for a paid subscription. You’ll want to commit at least 30 minutes of keyword research before writting your initial post.


30 minutes x 3 posts = 1.5 hours

Total = 13.5 hours per week


Each post should have a graphic or image. Let’s assume spending a half hour per post.


30 minutes x 3 posts = 1.5 hours

Total = 15 hours per week


Getting content ready for the website is more than just copy-and-paste. There’s a process of setting internal links, formatting HTML, uploading graphics, and scheduling social copy. If you’re good at it, let’s assume another half hour per post.


30 minutes x 3 posts = 1.5 hours

Total = 16.5 hours per week


2) Social Media

Blog posts are great to share on social medai, but you’ll need to do a little more than that. You should be engaging with your audience every day. This could mean replying to comments, likes, or shares. It could also mean sharing content that is currently trending, researching hashtags, or creating something totally new and engaging. On average, you can estimate about 30 minutes for engaging and about 30 minutes for researching.


30 minutes x 5 days = 2.5 hours

30 minutes x 5 days = 2.5 hours

Total = 21.5 hours per week


3) Video Production

This alone won’t cut it though. People want to be entertained, which means your average picture and text won’t get you too far. Videos are one of the most important marketing tools out there, and are only forcasted to become more important in 2017. If you commit to producing a new video every week, you’re sure to have a competitive edge. Estimate about 1.5 hours for producing scripts, storyboards, and ideas,30 minutes to setup equipment (unless you have your own studio), 1.5 hours to shoot with redos and resets, and 30 minutes to tear down.


1.5 hours + 30 minutes + 1.5 hours + 30 minutes = 4 hours

Total = 25.5 hours per week


Editing and reviewing will take some time too. You can estimate 1 hour of editing per completed minute. An average video will run about 1-3 minutes, so we’ll estimate editing at 2 hours.


Total = 27.5 hours per week


That video has to go somewhere, and it takes time to upload, optimize, and disseminate. Add another 30 minutes.


Total = 28 hours per week


4) Email Newsletter

Every great content marketing strategy has an email newsletter system. The bare, bare minimum is an unautomated, once a week update with your own content and links to other interesting stuff. Let’s assume 1.5 hours to write it, find graphics, check links, and revise.


Total = 29.5 hours per week


5) Check Metrics and Analytics

The whole point of content marketing is to get the right people on your website at the right time, and provide them with the exact information they’re looking for, so of course you have content offers ready to go and well-placed content forms that solicit very specific information. (Right?) So you’ll want to spend time every day looking at traffic sources, recent leads, qualified leads, passing along leads to whoever manages your sales, (is that you, too?) and work to find out which pages are performing the best for you.Let’s say you’re a well-oiled machine and your internet is never slow, so that takes 15 minutes a day.


15 minutes x 5 days = 1.25 hours per week

Total = 30.75 hours per week


You should probably do the same at least for your website analytics, looking to see which posts are performing the best, what content is getting traction, where you should focus your efforts, and more. So another 30 minutes a day.


15 minutes x 5 days = 1.25 hours per week

Total = 32 hours per week


Another good 15 minutes should be dedicated to social media stats. What are people clicking on, what are they watching, reviewing, or engaging? If you’re running social media ads, (you are, right?) you want to be sure you’re spending your company’s money wisely.


15 minutes x 5 days = 1.25 hours per week

Total = 33.25 hours per week


6) Website Updates

Blogs shouldn’t be the only thing up to date on your website — you want to be sure layouts are responsive and easy to navigate, that you’ve updated or added relevant pages as services or product offerings change or expand, and that your boss never, ever clicks a dead link. A good 15 minutes a day of routine maintenance and checking is reasonable.


15 minutes x 5 days = 1.25 hours per week

Total = 34.5 hours per week


7) Keep Up-To-Date On The Latest Trends

The content marketing world is constantly changing, and you’ll need to look for inspiration. Spend a half hour reading articles, news, and updates so you don’t fall behind. This way you’ll always be aware of what’s next.


Total = 35 hours per week


8) Meetings And Collaboration

Great ideas come from collaboration, so let’s add a brief 30 minute weekly meeting to generate ideas just for you.But of course you have other meetings with other folks. Let’s be generous and say about 1.5 hours a week are spent in meetings.


Total = 37 hours per week


9) Administrative Work

Let’s say you’re 75% more proficient than the average worker who spends (it’s been reported) 30 hours a week on email. We’ll add 7.5 hours a week for email.


Total = 44.5 hours per week 


10) Being Human

You haven’t gone to the bathroom yet. Or gotten a soda. Or stretched your legs. Or talked to a co-worker. You’ve been face-first in your work. So let’s say you’re another proficient employee who is only non-productive for 30 minutes a day (hilarious.)


30 minutes x 5 days = 2.5 hours

Total = 47 hours per week


After all that work, you’re still going to be working over time just to accomplish the bare minimum of a digital marketing strategy. And even if you do every single thing above, don’t expect new leads from that alone. Digital marketing is a complex recipe, with many moving parts. These are all the right tactics, but there’s a lot of strategic planning that needs to go into it.

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