Video Marketing is a necessary component of an effective digital marketing strategy.It’s not just up-and-coming, it’s here! And, it’s here to stay. 

Putting together a video (or video series for the truly ambitious) is hard work. It’s not something you can slap together in a few hours. Not to mention, you have to have the right equipment, space, and know-how to make everything work the way you want it.

Many small to mid-sized companies can’t afford the luxury of fancy production equipment or another salary for a video producer. However, they know that they need to figure out a way to get these videos produced.

The good news is that there’s an affordable way to still make this happen. There are tons of creative agencies out there that would be happy to help with your video projects. Here’s a few video marketing services these companies can help you with:

1) Production Equipment

You don’t have fancy cameras, professional lighting, a soundboard, microphones, etc. But, you need it. This is where a creative company can help you out. Rather than spending thousands of dollars to purchase equipment (that quite frankly, you don’t know how to use), why not spend it on a video team that knows exactly what their doing.

2) Professional Space or Studio

Most companies don’t have a state-of-the-art creative studio where they can produce video, podcasts, or other media based projects. However, many creative agencies will allow you to rent their space. In fact, OpenBox will allow you to rent their studio starting at $75 for a 4-hour minimum. Pretty nice deal if you ask me!

3) Video Editing Know-How

As a marketer, you know how to write blogs, post to social media, update the website, check metrics, send emails, and create beautiful lit pieces. However, video might not be one of your expertise. That’s ok! Don’t waste time trying to learn a craft that takes most 4-5 years or more to perfect. You can always hire someone else with the knowledge base to put together a beautiful video for you. Now that’s efficient!

4) Creative Thinkers 

A professional video crew is going to know what type of shots you’ll need to effectively produce your video. They’ll be able to help you storyboard ideas and enhance the overall process. Of course, you can do a lot of the creative thinking for yourself. However, a professional video crew will know how to make it that much better. Use our free video template to start putting together your video marketing ideas.

5) Promotion Savvy Gurus

When the work is done, you need to have a promotion plan for you video. Where is it going to be placed, and who do you want to see it? A video production team will be able to help you answer these questions as well as provide the correct formats for each platform.