1) Go mobile

According to HubSpot’s Science of Email 2014 Marketing Report, ”95% of online consumers use email, 91% report that they check their email at least once a day and 47% of all emails are opened on mobile.” This means that a lot of potential customers use email and almost half of them are checking it on their phones. Don’t invest time and money into brillant content just to throw half of your leads away. Make your emails responsive. You’d be crazy not too! In this 21st century world, a mobile platform is a necessity. Make sure your email newsletters are responsive the next time you send one out. 

2) Headliners with attention

When was the last time you clicked on an email? No, honestly, think about it. You probably had more than one email sitting in your inbox. Well, you looked at two things: the image and the headliner. The two are like a yin and yang. They go hand in hand. It’s essential there is a good image and headliner to display and preview what your email is offering. You probably spent a lot of time on your email content. Why throw away the opportunity to entice your readers?

3) Get personal

No one wants to be treated like just another person. There’s a reason that when you are called by your name, it’s seen as a very charming act. People like to hear their name called, and they like people who are nice, charismatic & friendly. Using these traits in your emails can help you connect with your target audience. Making the experience of what you have to offer pleasant, let alone memorable, will make all the difference when it comes to connecting with buyers.

4) Link to your website, blog, or social media

So, you have this amazing email. It’s personal, has a wonderful headliner, and is mobile friendly. Your have readers are intrigued and want to know more. How do you get them that next step though? The answer is links. Let them have access to your company’s social media, website, or blog page. From these, they can learn more about your products or services, gain education (which is important this late in the buyer’s journey), and come to love what you’re offering.

5) Quality in mind

No one wants to read something that doesn’t benefit them. If it has no value, we call it “junk mail” for a reason. Give your customer something that will educate them on how you can make their lives easier, happier, or whatever you bring to the table. Own it with quality, not just something that resembles a high schoolers final essay typed an hour before it was due.