White Label videography

Fixed-fee day rates and editing fees for agencies. No need to bid out every time, and easily markup our services to your clients.

This video production service is designed to give agencies predictability and flexibility for scheduling and budgeting a production team for small and medium-sized shoots. The fees and services would be locked in for 6 to 12 months, empowering the agency team to book more projects and markup our services. All billing is between OpenBox and the agency, not the final client (unless the project is directly referred by the agency).

How It Works


Agency submits any scripts, storyboards, creative briefs, and branding elements that will be helpful to have during production. It’s always helpful to know the ultimate goal: Where and how will the video be used, and how should it look, sound and feel? The shoot is scheduled based on mutual availability.


A typical crew includes a Director of Photography, Grip, and Production Assistant. We film and can either provide all processed video and audio files to the agency, or continue to post-production.


Get us up to speed on the scope of the shoot, the strategic use of the final edits for your clients, and how to incorporate broader branding, messaging, and marketing themes. We can prep whoever’s going to be on camera, or you can; it’s your call.

Typical Fees

Day rate: $1500 – $3000, depending on size of crew. Includes seven consecutive hours of filming and is inclusive of travel within 60 miles of OpenBox’s office.

Editing fees
Option 1: Hourly rate of $125/hour.
Option 2: Fixed fee not-to-exceed rate of $1000 per produced minute.

Scheduling & Lead Time

In most cases we can get a team assembled within a week. Production time varies, but initial edits can usually be expected within 7-10 business days. Rush fees may apply for expedited production.

Rights & Ownership

Agency owns rights to all footage and can assign them appropriately to its client, per the terms of whatever agreement is in place. Of course, OpenBox appreciates the opportunity to share work when allowed for its own portfolio.

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